Friday, June 29, 2012


Stuck, blocked, whatever you want to call it. I feel like I've been all over the place lately (not in a good way) and I'm trying to sort it all out and get back to level ground. 

I have had too many things in a chaotic state at the same time........which is saying alot for a chick who tends to like a degree of chaos on the regular!  I keep reminding myself that I don't get to pick the cards life deals me, but I can usually choose my reaction.....or at least choose a better one after I calm down a little.
I've been torn about what to share using this forum and have started and deleted more posts than I can count. With that, I have made the decision that it doesn't matter what topic I choose as long as I get off the damn fence and jump in already.......kinda like living in the sticks, you know--BFE (which, by the way, is within a mile of the farm!)
I've been experiencing the joys of creating the new yard layout since mine became a mostly blank area between harvesting pines and last fall's hurricane.  I had the berm rebuilt, which was great since I got to learn what a berm was in the process.  Just in case you were dying to know a berm is an area of land that separates water--in my case, a pond and a canal and it survived two tests courtesy of Mother Nature.  I've also been laying out where future fruit and nut trees will be planted, replanting a tree line, learning to root azaleas and planting bulbs in a few really long flower beds.
Lord help me if I really decide to see if a former city bitch can really turn into a for real though farm chick.  I'm sure this will become the seed for many posts to come just because some things are so amusingly foreign to me since I didn't grow up on the farm....just sayin'.

House projects have also taken up lots of my time and money lately.  My mother loves to tell me that a house is like a child---forever needing something.  I mean to tell you, she hit the nail on the head with that one.  I have the extra bonus of living in the house my grandparents built, which means that the OLMs also feel like they get to weigh in on what I should or should not do.  Mmmm hmmmm, feel my pain on that one!

I'm going to share some of my pet causes, things that give me inspiration and motivate me to change the world one interaction at a time.

Join me as I go on record that I will share my journey better than I have recently.
Oh! Just in case you were wondering......that Boy is very much still a PARB (punk ass rat bastard) and is far, far from the Grown Ass Man he wanted me to think he was.