Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes it's just that simple....

I love it when something is said that provides you with a flash of clarity and you have a (sometimes out loud) and the chorus said "AMEN!" moment.
Not too long ago, I had one of those moments that proved to be the inspiration for my first blog post.  Granted, if I was not such a great procrastinator the post would have happened sooner rather than now....but I digress.
I was talking to That Boy (who is really a Grown Ass MAN and hasn't been a boy for many, many years but that is for another place and time) and the topic of  who should get a "vote" in your life came up.  Being a chick, I had a long list of conditions and situations where I would solicit opinions from different people prior to making a decision. That Boy told me that he had very simple guidelines on who could share their opinions/suggestions/votes for him.  "It all comes down to the 3 F's", he said.  He laughed when I requested he spell it out as I had no knowledge of these 3 F's.  "In order for you to get a vote on anything I do, you either need to be feeding me, fucking me or financing me.  If we don't share DNA and you aren't doing at least one of those things, I don't want your opinion or permission--nor do you get a vote." 
"Furthermore," he continued with a smug grin,  "the bigger the part you play in the 3 F's, the bigger the still may not be the winning vote, or even be a deciding vote; but I will at least ask what you think and take it into consideration."
Just like that my inside voice jumped up, waved its hands skyward and joyfully exclaimed and the chorus said "AMEN!!"  I was thankful that it had not escaped via my out loud voice as often times things slip out of my mouth before the filter has a chance to engage. 
He was speaking man--which is not my favorite language as I am far from fluent and often disagree, but it also made perfect sense.
I tried in vain to hold back the giggles starting to erupt.  Needless to say, the giggle fit won and lasted for several minutes complete with tears streaming down my face and an annoying stitch in my side at the end.
Sometimes it really is that simple. period.
So often, like many of the threads that create the fabric for our quilt of life, things can easily become convoluted and more complicated than they should be. 
I promptly took the "Gospel of the F's" according to That Boy to all of my ya-ya's who howled with laughter all while nodding in full and total agreement.  We have decided to adopt it as our own and use it as often as possible, while sharing with others. Well, mostly.  Maybe with one slight alteration.  I mean, really....not so much an alteration as a slight addition.  At the end of the day, we are not exactly low maintenance chicks and that's how we roll. 

Keeping the F trend intact, the tweak is "Fixin' stuff".  Lord knows that there are few things better than a man who can fix stuff.

Now, go in peace and spread the word of the Gospel....